Why we are different

We offer fresh alternatives to explore free, positive options for the problems you face, including the ability for you to solve baby necessities through educational activities, counseling and volunteering at the center, as well as providing your children up to five years old with food and clothing.

Let us help you confidentially discuss your options, set and reach your goals, and turn wishes and dreams into reality for you and your family.

Our family center is buoyed by the results that we have achieved. Our team is committed to developing new programs that will help young parents grow happy families. We are always developing and enhancing the skills of our staff. Currently we are developing new programs that include family coaching, parenting, recovering from alcohol addiction, etc. All offerings are based on experience and careful investigation of the problem. Our greatest goal is strengthening the connection of fathers with kids.

Our mission is helping families affected by crisis, illness or loss. Proving professional assistance we try to create a better future for children and a secure present for their families. For more than 30 years, we have helped hundreds of parents build stronger families. Our well thought-out programs are intended to help both young parents and those families who have two or more kids develop the inner strength. In addition to the strength-based programs for parents, we also provide staff training. With the purpose of growing our community, we try to implement a high impact approach.